Dates February 14 - February 15, 2018
  This show has now finished
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IMPROV CLUB Weekly Classes for Adults with Glenn Hall

We all improvise every day. There is no script – Life is Improvisation.

Improvisation is, at the same time, the process and the product and the practice of improv is in essence, also the practice of mindfulness – which is why, IMPROV CLUB is for everyone – not just performers – but for anyone who’s looking to explore their creativity, push the boundaries of their comfort zone or just to try something fun and socially interactive.

IMPROV CLUB is training in the skills and approaches used by the world’s leading practitioners, based on the Just Improvise Hive of Nine Be’s™, to keep your mind and body present, playful and flexible.

Glenn Hall has designed the Term One training program, with targeted and meaningful exercises and games to help you make the most of every improvised moment of your life – no matter which of life’s stages you’re at or on.

Practice a range of improv approaches and techniques, with a different focus each week, which means attending each of the 8 weeks will give you maximum benefit, however you won’t be disadvantaged by dropping in and out in an improv way, as you’re able. Sessions are booked individually.

If you’re sick, you see a Doctor. If you’re car is broken down, you see a mechanic. So if you want to learn, see a teacher. And if you want to learn improv, then see Perth’s most experienced improv teacher – Glenn Hall.

IMPROV CLUB Term One will cover:

> Acknowledging and Dealing with the Inner ‘Critic’
> Building Connection and Rapport
> Flexible Thinking
> Engaging your Audience

Glenn Hall is Just Improvise’s co-founder and WA Academy of Performing Arts improv lecturer. Glenn has been teaching and performing improv internationally for more than 20 years including helping to guide the careers of – or performing with – successful actors and comedians including:

  • Tim Minchin (Matilda The Musical, Californication, Jesus Christ Superstar)
  • Natalie Locke (Nova 93.7)
  • Jai Courtney (Terminator Genisys, Suicide Squad, The Water Diviner)
  • Dacre Montgomery (Power Rangers, A Few Less Men)

IMPROV CLUB: Weekly Improv Training with Glenn Hall, 14th Feb
Time: 7.00 – 8.30pm (arrive at 6.30pm for a drink and a chat)
Venue: Hollywood Subiaco Bowling Club, 42 Smyth Street, Nedlands
Cost: $30 inc gst
Pre-requisite: 18 years plus, no experience required – all welcome 🙂

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