At Just Improvise, we believe improvisation is an essential life tool, no matter what stage of life you’re at – or on!

No longer confined to the realms of acting and comedy, improv is now being taught at top business schools as well as being embraced by global thought-leaders. Research is also recognising the many ways it helps people with and through countless life challenges.

We all improvise every day of our lives – as we chat to friends, relate to our family members, and as we work. It’s a life + business skill and, like other skills, getting better at it produces better results – from helping drive innovative thinking to learning how to more fully trust others, and building empathy + self-assurance.

Our courses blend the best of improv with our life-changing Hive of Nine Be’s™ philosophy and are safe, positive, respectful environments in which to learn + play.

Created by Director Glenn Hall (improv lecturer at the internationally-renowned Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) and led by some of Australia’s finest improvisers, our expert training will help you tackle the unknown with confidence, value ‘failure’ and reframe adversity, and learn how to naturally harness the power of your unique talents.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and Just Improvise!

Adult Courses

Teens & Kids Courses

General public programs for teenagers and children are unavailable until further notice.