This Holiday Season, Spend on Doing Rather than Having

“Research shows that paying for experiences instead of material possessions will give you greater and more enduring satisfaction… More specifically, experiences live on because people feel grateful for them after they’re over. In a series of experiments, we find that feelings of gratitude are sparked more by trips people have taken, events they’ve attended, and meals they’ve eaten than by the “stuff” they’ve bought. In other words, people are often more grateful for what they’ve done than for what they have.”

You can read the full article from Scientific American here.

But it got us thinking that giving the gift of an improv course, would be a double-whammy – not only resulting in enduring gratitude and satisfaction – but also providing an experience that will create a life-changing growth mindset. That’s a pretty powerful Christmas gift! And it appears that the Mind and Body liftout of The West Australian Newspaper agrees – profiling Just Improvise’s gift vouchers.

Just Improvise Gift Voucher The West Australian Newsapaper

If you’d like to arrange a gift voucher for a loved one – from the age of 6 years and over, please get in touch. Email us at and we’ll organise one for you and will hand deliver it, to ensure it makes it to you before Christmas.



Creating a safe space for younger and older kids to explore their creativity, play and build their resilience is the key to the success of Perth-based improvisation outfit Just Improvise’s BOOST: Improv for Kids and Teen courses and its Hive of Nine Be’s™ philosophy.

WA Academy of Performing Arts improv lecturer and Just Improvise head Glenn Hall said research had shown improv to be a powerful tool to help children better cope with change, increase their social skills and even reduce aggression.

“Kids with anxieties, those worried about being perfect, and those that struggle to bounce back when things don’t go their way or as planned can also benefit from learning how make decisions in the moment and trust themselves more,” explained Glenn Hall, WA Academy of Performing Arts improv lecturer and the head of Just Improvise.

“Cooperation, teamwork, and being kind while having fun are all keys to improv – and life.”

Perth teenager Imogen Maher has reaped the benefits: “It’s BOOST-ed (haha) my confidence, the ability to think on my feet, and being able to feel comfortable in unfamiliar situations.”

“She enjoys it so much that looking forward to it during the week can make a stressful week at school bearable,” said Imogen’s mum, Heather.

“It’s like grown up play which is so good, such an antidote to school stress and study.”

The 8-week programs are for kids aged 6 to 17 and run in Subiaco on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Class sizes are kept small to maximise individual and group learning outcomes.

Gift vouchers are also available making a great gift for family members this Christmas.

Just Improvise’s Curricula is designed by Glenn Hall who has been teaching and performing improv internationally for more than 20 years. He’s trained and performed with countless successful actors and comedians including:

  • Tim Minchin (Matilda The Musical, Californication, Jesus Christ Superstar)
  • Kymba Cahill (MIX 94.5)
  • Jai Courtney (Terminator Genisys, Suicide Squad, The Water Diviner)
  • Dacre Montgomery (Power Rangers, A Few Less Men, due out 2017)

BOOST: Improv for Kids and Teens – Term 1, 2017
Eight week program
Tuesdays (commencing February 7th) and Thursdays (commencing February 9th)
6-8 years – 4pm
9-12 years – 5pm
13 – 17 years 6pm
Classes held at Just Improvise HQ – 162F Rokeby Road, Subiaco (enter via staircase between Brew-Ha Cafe and Freshia Noodle Bar) 

10 Reasons Why People JUMP into Improv!


At the start of every JUMP: Intro to Improv course, I ask the participants to briefly share one or two reasons they decided to JUMP and what they would like to get out of the course.

It’s great to watch the reactions, as people share and hear what attracts others to learn more about Improvisation, in many cases, is what attracts them also.

Here are 10 of the most popular reasons that people decide to JUMP into improv:

  • To become wittier and be better at thinking on my feet
  • Be more bold
  • Expand my skill set
  • Creative outlet
  • Have fun and belly laughs
  • Improve in life
  • Be expressive in a physical/verbal way
  • Deal with anxiety issues which get in the way of my life
  • Shy and want to be more comfortable speaking in public
  • Did drama in high school, enjoyed it, but haven’t done it for ages

At its most fundamental level, the driving force behind all of the above reasons, is the desire to connect with others in a meaningful way, in an environment of care, trust and mutual respect. This is what Improv is, this is what the Hive of Nine Be’s™ are all about – and this is what I have lived and taught for over 25 years.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and JUMP into improv with Just Improvise, WA’s premier improv training company.

– Glenn Hall
Creative Director

P.S. Don’t leave it too long to book in – our October course is already booked out and November (our last JUMP for the year) is selling fast!


Amy Shostak Canada and Kylie Bywaters and Alice Ryder GLOBETROTTERS 2016 Perth Western Australia a Perth winter, we can expect a few things to happen. People complain about the cold, drive like it’s the end of the world, and some of the Just Improvise team disappear to spend a week in Canberra for Improvention – Australia’s international festival of improv.

Every year we hear tales about the incredible happenings of the festival. Having attended the last two years I can testify to the intensity of the training offered by some of the world’s best, while spending my nights watching cutting edge improvised performances. It’s an incredible hub of inspiring, dynamic teachers and performers.

Not wanting the thriving Perth improvisational community to miss out, Just improvise has brought three of the 2016 international guests from Improvention to Perth.

Keng-Sam Chane Chick Té Reunion Island and Neil Barnard Perth Western Australia GLOBETROTTERS 2016 weekend we had Amy Shostak (Canada) and Keng-Sam Chane Chick Té (Reunion Island) running workshops and performing in our First IMPROV CLUB show of the year. The first two of our international guests bought energetic new ideas to our community. Amy’s workshop focused on how to shape our performances giving us a series of tools to create more theatrical performances with seamless transitions.

Keng-Sam, taught us how to speak in different languages. We explored the art of gibberish, then, the musicality of our bodies. The second part of the workshop trained us to let our bodies make the choices instead of our brains. As a participant I found this incredibly liberating.

Lachlan Ruffy and Tara Fox GLOBETROTTERS 2016 Perth Western Australia for the workshops were snapped up quickly and many of the participants from the workshop came to the Sunday night show where Amy and Keng-Sam directed a handful of participants in scenes. The second half of the show featured Glenn Hall alongside our guests being playful as ever as the three masterfully weaved a series of scenes and characters together.

The lovely thing about our guests is they don’t come to sell a product, they come to share their love of improvisation. Both Amy and Keng-Sam met up with a bunch of us Perth improv nerds for a Q&A session where we learned about the companies they ran and their own personal philosophies about the joys and struggles of our disposable artform.

Amy Shostak Canada and Glenn Hall Perth Western Australia GLOBETROTTERS 2016 also appeared in a duo performance with Glenn at OTH’s weekly comedy longform show. Both guests exchanged contact details with many of the improvisers they met inviting them to continue to ask questions and develop their craft.

If you missed out, we still have one more guest to come! Victoria Bang arrives in two weeks and has two workshops on offer, one will teach you to be a dare devil (only one place left), the other will have you singing and dancing with your scenes partners and on your own (booked out)! I for one am looking thrilled to be attending every workshop on offer! Plus Victoria will be performing with us at IMPROV CLUB on Sunday 17th July. Hope to see you there!

Post and Photos by Esther Longhurst.