We live in a time of constant and rapid change in every sphere of life: at home, in business, politics and our natural environment.

If your company wants to thrive it needs leaders that are flexible, adaptable and agile to keep up with developments and stay ahead of the game. Most people are highly skilled and practiced at criticising, judging and defining.  We’re trained to say ‘No’.  But at Just Improvise we’re all about exercising the affirmation muscle.  Not just to say ‘Yes!’ but ‘Yes, and…’.  This gives leaders the ability to approach tasks and problems with an open and nimble mind, a positive attitude and to always be looking for solutions.

Just Improvise trains people to be active leaders, so their ‘Yes, and…’ doesn’t mean they’re simply agreeing with people, it means they’re willing to tap an idea, explore it further, give the idea generator the confidence to take the idea to the next level.

Great leaders take action. Let’s talk some more.